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From the Pastor's Desk


Lee.jpg God Is With Us!

Easy to say.  Not so easy to believe sometimes.  So, how are you doing?  Really?  Me, too.

Actually, I am still living and working an almost normal schedule, except no personal visits.  And, there is that no-church-service thing.  For March 22, I video recorded a service and posted it on Facebook.  Watch it if you have nothing better to do.  You can watch most of our complete worship services since last September on Facebook.  As a bonus this month, you get a six-page Arlingtonian -- the last four pages are the script for the March 22 service.  (Remember, it is a script to preach from, not an English term paper.)  I plan to record and post a weekly service on Saturdays for your Sunday worship, if you choose to watch.

I am not sure when we will resume our normal worship schedule.  When we do, for those who are involved in the service in some way, it will be up to you if you want to come.  We will make allowances for whoever is not here - including musicians, elders, deacons, or readers.

I am not sure if we will back for Easter.  If you ordered Easter lilies or tulips, they probably will not be ordered from the florist.  Your money will be refunded.

I don’t know why I always hate to mention money, because it is important to the life of the church.  Even though we are not having Sunday worship, our financial needs are almost unchanged.  Please remember to make up for lost offering opportunities when you return.  You may also mail in your offering to the church.  Arlington Christian Church; 1206 N. Limestone St.; Lexington, KY 40505.

The called Congregation meeting for March 29 is being postponed (obviously).  We will let you know when the new meeting date will be.

Other meetings are also being rescheduled.  You will be notified about them as well.

Keep up your prayers for yourselves, our church, and others.

Continue to prepare yourselves for Easter.  It will come regardless of world events.  If God loves us enough to die on the cross for us, we can return that love, by spreading that love to all of God’s children.

Have a Happy Easter.

Brother Lee


Retirement Blues
by Joy Thacker

After thirty years of working
I thought I had it made
I said to myself
I'll lie in the shade

I'll read half the day
And sleep the rest
My wife had the notion
That she alone knew best

She said mow the lawn
And go and walk the dog
You're lying around here
Getting fat as a hog

My dreams of relaxation
Went right up in smoke
I found that retirement
Was only a joke

I'm really still working
For the rest of my life
The only difference now
The boss is my wife.

Ouch.  That has to hurt.  Good thing I’m only semi-retired now.  Plus, I don’t have a wife to be my boss.  (There is both good and bad in that.)

I am hesitant to say I have developed a routine after only two months of part-time working, but for now, I have been coming to the office Sunday - Thursday mornings and doing out-of-office things in the afternoons.  I have been taking several afternoons off.  Fridays continue to be the days I work at home, writing my sermon for Sunday.  Saturday is the final edit day.  This schedule may change as the weather improves and gives opportunity for day trips and outdoor activities (golf).

It is hard to believe that the season of Lent has already started.  Ash Wednesday was February 26.  We are having our Wednesday night soup suppers and Lenten studies again this year at 6:00 p.m.  Please join us each Wednesday for some good soup, some good fellowship, and a good Lenten lesson.

The theme for this year’s study is "By His Wounds We Are Healed."  Each week we will look at one type of sin we all commit, that were part of the sins laid on Jesus, "the sinless one," as he was sent to the cross.

Lent is a period of 46 days (40 fasting days and 6 Sundays) before Easter, where Christians are supposed to reflect on their lives and prepare for Easter.  The 40 fasting days are in observance of the time Jesus spent in the wilderness before being tempted by Satan.  Traditionally, Lent is observed by giving up something you enjoy (it can be a food or an activity) as a way to share in the fasting Jesus did in the wilderness.  Many Christians don’t know that the days of fasting do not include the Sundays in Lent.  They are symbolic of the Resurrection of Christ and are feast days instead of fast days.

The ultimate goal for Lent is a closer relationship with God that comes by increased prayer, along with Bible reading and study and the repentance of our sins.  Lent should not be considered a time of punishment for us.  Instead, it should be a time of personal growth in our faith.  The things we may give up are merely reminders that God is the only thing we really need in our lives.

One thing you can do as you observe Lent this year is to say a special prayer for our church each day.  Let part of that prayer be ... "May we be guided by the will of God."