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From the Pastor's Desk



It is time to continue with my comments about change.  This month, I am writing about some changes that are more directly involving our church.  I think both of these changes will be beneficial to us.

The first concerns our social media presence.  Do you ever check out Arlington’s FaceBook page?  If you don’t, it may be because it hasn’t changed much.  I had not been making very many additions.  That has recently changed.  Over the last six weeks I have been adding videos to our page.  The first three videos were of sermons that I repreached in order to video them.  Since September 15, I have videoed our entire worship service and posted them.  I am using a personal-grade camcorder instead of professional grade, and I am still trying to improve the audio quality a little bit, but it is not bad as it was.  If you are unable to worship with us for some reason, you have a chance to watch and worship at your leisure.

The second change involves me, as much as you and the church.  For the past few months, I have been in discussions first with our Board of Elders, then the Official Board, then the Congregation.  Our discussions have been about a change in my employment status.  I want to thank each group for their concern and support.

With the Elder’s, Board’s and Congregation’s approval, I will be semiretiring on January 1, 2020.  This decision was based in part on the financial health of the church, part on the current ministerial needs of the church, and part on some personal wishes of mine.

This semiretirement does not have to be permanent.  If the circumstances and needs of Arlington change, my work status can also change.  Currently, it is my professional opinion that Arlington does not need a full-time minister.  Having a part-time minister works well for many churches.

As I told each group, I honestly don’t know how many hours I may spend each week doing what I need to do.  There are some aspects of my job that vary so much from week to week, I can’t describe an average week.  My plan is to spend whatever amount of time I need to do the job for that particular week.  But I would be released from feeling like I had to work at least 40 hours on weeks that are quiet.

There will be some adjustment time involved.  I do not plan to suddenly change my work habits on January 1.  If this change goes as I think it will, most of you will not notice a difference.  That is what I am praying for.

If it turns out the church feels the need for regular office hours, we can decide on a time for me to be in the office.  It won’t be the only time I will be in, but it will be consistent.  I will plan visits and nonemergency outside tasks for other days.

Keep these changes in your prayers.  Keep our church in your prayers.

Bro. Lee


Change is in the Air!

As I write this, it is the last week of August.  It was just a little over a week ago that we had a couple of days with afternoon temperatures of 97 degrees.  Now we are expecting temperatures in the 78- to 83-degree range.  This is a welcome change to me and probably to most of you.  While warmer temperatures will return, as we get closer to autumn, we know they will not stick around very long.  Yes, winter will be here before we know it or want it.

I think we are very fortunate to live in central Kentucky.  Our summers are usually not really hot and our winters are usually not really cold.  We also have beautiful springs and falls as the new flowers bloom and the old leaves change color and drop from the trees.

By now, all of the public schools have started a new year and most of the colleges are back in session.  In a changed schedule, UK started classes on Monday this semester instead of Wednesday because they are adding a fall break.

Our church building is about to have a lot more activity within it.  The Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts will be here more regularly now that school is in session (two to three Thursdays each month).  And the Music Works division of the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra will be filling our basement and second floor with their music once again.  They are changing schedules to four afternoons a week instead of five, but there are supposed to be more kids participating this year.  It is great having these young people using our facilities.

I was at Cracker Barrel this week and almost bumped into the Christmas tree that is right at the entrance.  I have yet to put my tree up, how about you?  That is one change I am not so thrilled with - Christmas displays in August.  If the Christian part of Christmas would come this early, I might be a little more accepting, but while the stores are busier, the churches are not.

This year, let’s use Christmas as an excuse a reason to invite some family, friends, and neighbors to worship with us.

More change next month.